Friday, July 18, 2014

36 tired weeks

I am now 36 weeks along. The baby clothes are washed, the hospital bag sits empty beside the changing table. I am lethargic and meh. And yes, that is a selfie.

We went on a fun vacation and the children think I had fun.

I saw a gorgeous sunrise that briefly buoyed and sustained me/

Baby painted the pony cart with water, He comforts me with his little boyness, and his tight hugs and grubby hands. 

My world is black and white. My pictures are black and white. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Babies and The Sleep Which So Easily Besets Us

I have been busy y'all! I've been busy deleting Facebook and drama. Now I am once again flooded with inspiration and happiness. 

  Olive is growing like a very small 1 lb weed. I am finally starting to consistently look "with bump" rather then "with too many brownies and milk" 

Forgive the early morning hair, I'm just happy I have a halfway presentable face. I'm not a blogger who takes pictures everyday, I just take one every week (if I remember) to send to a friend, mainly so they are labeled correctly should I ever want to look back. Anyway... This is finally week 23 although technically I am now 24 weeks. Like I said..the bump is there, I promise that's a baby, not just too much food. 


  Also started teaching the wee bairn to sew. Simply take a largish scrap of fabric, draw a few straight lines on it, set your straight stitch to the shortest possible stitch length (to prevent sewn fingers) and let them start sewing. Practice like this dramatically improves the ability to sew straight. The 5 yr old has an amazingly straight stitch. I'm proud of her. She often "makes patterns" with paper and a gazillion paper snibblets. 


  Explain the picture, you say? Indeed I shall. This child kept waking up at night and called me from my deep restful sleep. Why? Because he was cold. Something that simply must not be! So one night I snatched an extra quilt from the closet, hacked here, snibblets there, serged, zippered and tucked the boy inside. No more kicking off covers, no more cold baby! And best of all, I have enough quilt left to make 4 or 5 others to sell on etsy. (I'm pretending the quilt wasn't a little bit expensive 100% cotton) 

Adios my friends.... I must off to claim some deep magnesium enabled sleep. 

(Ps.this was written 3 weeks ago, I'm actually 27 weeks now)